Rutgers Admissions Essay

Topics: Religion, New Jersey, Passaic County, New Jersey Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: February 9, 2011
Born and raised in South Paterson, I wouldn’t ask for anything better. As I walk down the block I notice how people that come from around the world can get along in such a small city. I would see people representing their ethnicity, backgrounds, religion, and even their traditions in many ways. From the flags being hung up and to the candles and Christmas trees that are lit; I enjoyed watching fellow friends and neighbors of mine knowing that they are proud of their own race. Coming from a busy city, I always called it the “glimpse of New York”. People view New York as a place where it’s full of activity. Correspondingly, the streets of Paterson are the same. Commencing the overcrowded produce markets and the NJ transits stopping at every two block or so, Paterson has a bountiful amount of people. On the contrary, one thing Paterson has that New York doesn’t is the vibe a person gets that makes Paterson feel welcoming and a comfortable area to live in. in other words, Paterson is so diverse and has a numerous amount of religions, one would tend to think it’s a racial and segregated region. However, it really isn’t, in fact people like me are so fond of it. For instance, I went to HARP Academy, in my freshmen year and the middle of my sophomore year in high school. I figured if I attended a small school I would learn better and like it. But it was disappointing to me. So I looked up Passaic County Technical Institute and it came to my attention that this institute was huge and sounded pretty exciting. My friends encouraged me to apply and I joined the Academy of Information Technology at PCTI. To start with, I never ever saw so many people in one hallway in my life. Conversely, in the sum of it all, I loved it. I loved being surrounded by unusual and unique people. It never occurred to me as too how much you can learn from a person. Thanks to PCTI I love and take pleasure in being a part of a large and popular school. For one thing, I am a Palestinian, and I...
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