Rusty Lopez

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1. Company Profile:

In 1977, Lolito Lopez opened a shoe store by the name of Centropell, in the Cubao Shoe Expo. Almost three decades later, the tandem of Lolito and wife Lily has blossomed and now sit at the helm of a shoe business empire that is renowned for its commitment to the development, manufacturing and marketing of quality, authentic and affordable footwear under the following brands: CENTROPELLE, RUSS and RUSTY LOPEZ. Building on the success of Centropell, the Lopez’s positioned Rusty Lopez as the brand name that rivaled the best of what the local shoe industry has to offer. The popularity of the Rusty Lopez brand eventually exceeded the expectations of the holding companies and as a result, holds one of the biggest market shares within the entire local shoe industry. Maritalia Manufacturing Incorporated, which was established on December 17, 1996 and became the official manufacturing arm of the company. It is through the joint efforts of Filipino and Italian shoemakers that Maritelia was born. To give pride and honor to this collaboration, the name "Maritalia" was created by combining Marikina and Italy, "MARI" (Marikina) and "ITALIA" (Italy) thus, forming the word "Maritalia". Today, MARITALIA sits on a one-hectare property on E. Rodriguez Avenue in Sto. Niño, Marikina City. It houses state-of-the-art imported equipment from Italy specifically designed for mass shoe production. Operating at full capacity with 300 workers, Maritalia can produce as many as 24,000 pairs of shoes in a month.

2. Company Culture:

The culture of a Rusty Lopez is mainly the shoe production. There is a Rusty Lopez for each and every member of the family. The wide range of merchandise will definitely not leave any member of the family empty handed. The men's footwear line consists of casual, formal and athletic while the women's line consists of formal and casual. Complete your outfit and worry no more with Rusty Lopez apparel and accessories.

From casual to formal, from outdoor to corporate, you'll surely find what you need. Oh and don't forget the children because there's Rusty Lopez kids too! Rusty Lopez kids have a variety of footwear for the young ones including the basics such as school and casual as well as sporty and formal footwear.

Each brand under the Rusty Lopez group of companies caters to a particular market to assure that the needs of the market are met. Rusty Lopez remains to be the classic. Varied, all-around, and for everyone, that's what Rusty Lopez is. Men's, Ladies, Kids, Footwear, Apparel and Accessories, there's always a good find in Rusty Lopez.

Brought by the quality of their product, perfection is very important to them. They had imported the materials from different countries in which they have to take its quality if it passed to their standards. Another culture is that they give importance to their man-power. Upon entering, you could easily see that their employees are focus on their tasks.

3. What area had attracted you most? Why?

The area that attracted me most is where everything started from a scrap to a useful shoe for every people, especially Filipinos – the production area.

The 3rd floor is where you can see the supplies of materials to be used, and then they will cut it there, then it goes to the 2nd floor wherein the workers fit it to their pattern and sew it according to the desired design and appearance, next is in the 1st floor, this is the area where they already put the sole of the shoes. They are doing it perfectly before they went to packaging and have to arrange their finish product in the warehouse and afterwards prepare to deliver them.

This gives me an idea on how would a production utilized their space in running the manufacturing company.

4. Problems:

Due lack of ventilation in the working area, there is undesirable odor that may inhaled everyday by the workers, and this can cause a lung cancer and hardship in...
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