Russian Women vs. American

Topics: United States, Marriage, Russia Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: March 6, 2012
Heather Hennig
Russian Women vs. American
There are many similarities as well as differences between Russian and American women. Both groups of women consider the family as the basic social unit. However, the composition of the family differs. In Russia, the women are expected to marry and have children. Urban couples usually only have one child, whereas rural families sometimes have more (“Russia”). In America there is traditionally a mother, father, and two or more children. Recently the number of married couples without children, single-parent households, and un-married couples has greatly increased. One out of every three children born in the USA is born from unmarried parents; they might even possibly be cared for by the grandparents exclusively (“United States of America”). Parents in both countries usually care for the child until adulthood, however in Russia the child is expected to financially support the parents after he is grown as a result of insufficient pensions (“Russia”). In Russia and America women may lead the household, but in Russia the male in considered the head of the family where it varies in American families. Another similarity is that the male and female both work, but in contrast to America, Russian males rarely help in chores of the home (“Russia”). In the United States men not only help with chores, but with childcare as well. In Russia the grandparents help with taking care of the children and grocery shopping. America is trendy in that males are not always the bread-winners; women are often the money maker in the family. It would be unheard of for Russian men to be stay at home dads, which is becoming more common in the states. Working couples and single parents in the USA often rely on child-care services. In Russia, such facilities are available, but rarely utilized because of the high cost (“Russia”). There are different customs for women of both countries with pregnancies and babies. In the USA the women...
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