Russian Wifes Abroad. Blog of a Desperate Girl Trapped in Turkey

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Russian wifes abroad

5 November 2012
Liza (Turkey): “SOS!”

Hello, everybody! Three years ago I also met one foreign guy, a turkish one. We started making up, spending lots of time together: going to cinema, cafe etc. Soon he got to know where my University is placed and came there everyday to meet me after his studies . Everything was awesome and great until summer came - he went to his home country, and I - to my summer work in children camp. Anyway, we always chatted by Facebook if there was a possibility, but he wrote me more often then I did.

After some time passed, he came back and made me a proposal but the problem was that my parents were strictly against it and, actually, against him at all, and they forbidden me even to see him. I couldn't not to obey and broke up with him, even though I really didn't want to. During several weeks he was trying to make up with me but after the New Year Eve he gave up and went away to Turkey without saying anything. This time without him was incredibly hard and harmful for me. I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, couldn't study – all my life turned to an absolute chaos! In summer, on the last day of session, he came back for me, told me that he can’t continue living without me. In that moment I didn’t think about anything at all and left with him, the last thing I wanted was to lose him again + this thought was unbearable.

Just after arriving to the airport we went to his sister’s place, his mom also has been there that time. We greeted each other, and when I wanted to hug his mom, she extended her hand and hit me on my lips , then in my forehead. Frankly speaking, I was slightly shocked, but later he explained me that this is just their custom. But the impact was so hard! Afterwards, everybody started examining me – my hair, my skin, my eyes, my way of speaking (that time I knew just some words, so my husband was a translator).

Four days later we went to his place, and, you know, everything was just amazing:...
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