Russian Revolution: Was Lenin a Hero Who Deserves to Be Worshipped and Respected Even Today or Was He Nothing More Than a Tyrant Who Should Be Buried and Forgotten?

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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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May 2013 ​​​​​​
​​​History Source-Based Essay

Was Lenin a hero who deserves to be worshipped and respected even today or was he nothing more than a tyrant who should be buried and forgotten?
Lenin was a true hero to Russia and deserves to be respected and admired today for his contribution to the country. Although there are many facts pointing the opposite way, saying that Lenin does not deserve the respect, there are so many positive moves that he has made into making Russia a better land.

“it seemed as if one dictatorship, that of the Tsars, has simply been replaced by another, that of Lenin” (Source B) many people had this opinion but were drowned out by the millions who believed that he was a hero. He was portrayed as a hero, and marketed like one as well, which was understandable, as peoples’ confidence in him. He was one that looked “in control” and leader-like (Source A)

“Do not build memorials to him, name places after him, do not hold magnificent celebrations in his memory. All of this meant so little to him.” (Source C) According to Lenin’s widow, Lenin was a true stalwart in the sense that he was humble and simple in his ways, yet smart and thoughtful in his actions. He looked at what he did for Russia as a service and not a favour.

A letter from Lenin was sent to the Bolsheviks in 1918 with instructions to carry out a set of demands in “The interest of the entire revolution” in order “to set an example” (Source D) This list, instructing the public killing of 100 notorious kulaks, rich and bloodsuckers and the confiscation of their grain, execution of hostages and a confirmation back to Lenin after this plan was executed. This may have put him in a bad light, but did not retract from what he did for Russia and Russians.

In a poster Lenin is shown sweeping royalty, aristocrats, the church and the capitalists away while standing on the top of the world, (Source E) and this shows him to be a hard working, person with honest...
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