Russian Politics, Reforms and Revolutions

Topics: Russian Empire, Marxism, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 4 (1023 words) Published: October 19, 2010
October 17, 2010

Chapter 17 (13-24) History Part II/B … Russian Revolution

Citation: from "A History of the Modern World" by R.R Palmer

13. Explain Lenin’s view on the “party”? Lenin’s view on the “party”: He demanded strong authority at the top, by which the central committee would determine the doctrine (or “party line”) and control personnel at all levels of the organization. He thought the party would strengthen itself by purges, expelling all but the most fundamental disagreements. He stood for the rigid reaffirmation of Marxian ideas and fundamentals- dialectical materialism and irreconcilable class struggle.

14. What did Lenin add to Marxism? He developed and transformed it into a first-rank element of Marxism certain theories of “imperialism” and of the “uneven development of capitalism, that is captilism that had been propounded in only general terms by marx and Engels. In his Marxist-Lenin view, imperialism was exclusively a product of monoly capitalism, that is, capitalism in its big business, “highest,” and “final” stagge, which develops diffently and at different times in each country. It signifies being bent on exporting surplus capital and investing it in underdeveloped areas for greater profits.

15. Identify:
a. Plehv- chief minister that hoped tat a short successful war with Japan would create more attachment to the government b. Father Gapon: Priest who the police allowed to go among the St. Petersburg Factory workers and organize them, hopin thus to counter the propaganda revolutionaries; took up the grievances in all seriousness, believed, as simple peasants only recently transplanted to the city, that if only they could reach the ear of the Little Father, the august being high above all hard capitalists and stony officials, he would hear their complaints with shocked surprise and rectify the evils that afflicted Russia c. Soviets: institutions that supported values representative of the...
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