Russian-German Economic Relations under Conditions of Globalization

Topics: International trade, Economics, World Trade Organization Pages: 10 (2359 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Title: Russian-German Economic Relations under Conditions of the Globalization

Subtitle: Developing of Russian-German Economic Relations under Conditions of the Globalization in the 21-st Century

Thesis: The Russian-German Economic Relations are now stronger than ever

Department: LL.M., Business Law, Business English

Name of University: University of Applied Sciences of Mainz

Submitted by: Dimitri Pirojoc

Author’s Address: Floßstr. 9, 55120 Mainz

Author’s Matr.Nr.: 803789


Supervisor’s Name: Prof. Dr. Swartz-Janat Makan

Date of submission: 01/03/2010
In this essay will be affected the questions of economic relations between the two major European countries, large as in economic and political points of view: Germany and Russia. The importance of these economic relations has become particularly interesting between 20 and 21 centuries. The most important factor, which influenced the development of economic relations, has been globalization. Also will be affected questions of exports and imports of goods between Russia and Germany.

Declaration of Authorship

I hereby declare that this thesis (Russian-German Economic Relations under Conditions of the Globalization) represents my original work, that I am the sole author of this work, and that I have used no other sources except as noted by citations. All data, tables, figures and text citations which have been reproduced from any other source, including the internet, have been explicitly acknowledged as such.

Moreover, I declare that this is a true copy of my thesis, including any final revisions, and that this thesis has not been submitted for a higher degree to any other University or Institution.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction

2. Historical Background of Globalization
2.1 Functions of Globalization
2.2 Globalization in the international manufacturing

3. Globalization and the World Business Market
3.1 “Home Movement” of Globalization
3.2 Globalization and liberalization of the international trade

4. The two-sided economic relations between Germany and Russia 4.1 Germany as a “Nuclei of the EU-Development”
4.2 “Soft Force”

5. Germany as a key business partner

6. Russia - Strategic Partnership

7. Economic future or skepticism?

I. Introduction

Modernization of the world economy is a modern stage of industrialization of the manufacturing and of the capital that started and continues for about 100 years. After World War II the process of the internationalization increased and deepened which manifested on one hand in sudden widening of the range of activities of the transnational banks and on the other in grows of the integral economic processes which transited from micro-level to macro-level and took form of the regional economic integral coalitions.

II. Historical Background

In 1990’s there took place a transition into a new quality, which allowed a conversation of the beginning of the next stage of the internationalization that could be called globalization. Its goal was creation of the global world economy with certain specific capabilities, characteristics and structures that had no place before.

2.1 Functions of Globalization

In functional plan, global economy manifests in following aspects: – Global financial system that gradually becomes such, thanks to the development of the electronic ways of communication and the use of computer technologies; – Global system of the exchange of the results of the intellectual activity, beginning with trade licenses for usage of the technology and ending with the computer information networks; – Global system of the distribution of commodities and services, including transport, storage, insurance, marketing, advertisement and organization of the commodity flows, and other necessary operations.

At the same time one ought not to...
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