Russian and Foreign Education in Comparison

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Russian and foreign education in comparison
At the step of life when students leave their schools they have to choose where to continue their education. The choice is usually hard to make because even if you know what faculty you wish to find and what profession you would like to study there is still a problem to find a university and the question is: where to look for it? A lot of variants are presented both in the native country and abroad. And many students today choose foreign universities instead of getting education in their motherland. So, why does it happen? Why do so many young people leave their country after ending school?

The first and perhaps the main reason is that the level of education in such countries like the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany and some other ones like Singapore. If we compare, for example, Moscow State University and University of Oxford we can see that the variety of subjects and professions taught in London is wider than in Moscow and the qualification of lecturers and teachers is higher. This is what makes students who look for the best education leave their homeland.

Another reason is the price if education in comparison with its level. For the same money paid in the state universities of St. Petersburg or Moscow you can get education, for example, in the USA or in Canada which is better in many ways than in Russia.

Many people look for friends and acquaintances from other countries and very few young people from abroad choose Russia as a country where to get education, so, the amount of foreign students in our country is much lower in comparison with more developed ones.

And another important reason is the level of life in the country where to study and live in the future. Some young people choose foreign universities because they want to leave their motherland and it is easier to find a job if you have already got education in the country you want to live in. By the time you leave the place where you have...
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