Russian-American Modern Relations

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Russian-American Modern Relations

By | November 2012
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Russian-American relations were one of the distinct areas for attention of U.S. foreign policy from the end of WWII up to the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991. Before getting into details of current issues and points of agreement between two countries it is important to highlight some important characteristics of Russia. Established as a result of the collapse communistic leadership and socialistic economic system in 1991, Russian Federation, tried to take path towards western democracy. However, it is still unclear how successful this attempt was. Despite the fact that Russia remains as a largest country with over 6.6 million square mile territory it still struggles to fulfill its internal demand for agricultural goods, for only around seven percent of its territory is good for agrarian purposes. The rest is either too cold or too dry. However, rich with natural gas and oil, Russia, has become the second largest exporter of oil, after Saudi Arabia, in the world. Some western expert’s raising alarm concerning that Russia’s economy is heavily relying on export of natural energy resources; particularly oil, however, its reserves far less from oilfields of other exporters. In other words, Russian oil resources will not last a decade with current pace of its exporting, so this can create another civil crisis at the end of the road for Russians if they do not create and sustain alternative field to compete economically in the world. Another significant problem Russia facing is population decline. It is difficult to pin down single and main problem causing the demographic issue; however, it is obvious that combination of several factors is causing this decline. One of them is emigration exodus. According to Sergey Loiko’s article in Los Angeles Times “Russians are leaving the country in droves,” some leave because of economic structure. “With inflation on the rise, and the country’s...

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