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Topics: Vladimir Lenin, Russia, Leon Trotsky Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Assessment: Discuss the effect of the New Economic Policy on the Russian State Bolshevik policy throughout the period of War Communism had asserted the use of force and terror to gain political control and stability. Peasants and industrial workers alike had been treated poorly in order to provide for the needs of the party. Although successful in winning the Civil War, War Communism had shattered the country leaving it in a desolate state. It was therefore through the introduction of the New Economic Policy (NEP) at the 10th Party Congress of 1921 that was the key contributing factor for the restoration of the economy, enabling Russia to feed itself and the removal of the final pockets of opposition to the Bolshevik rule. The rebellion from the once loyal Kronstadt sailors forced Lenin realise that there had to be a dramatic change in Russian policy. Despite this step back towards capitalism, the introduction of the NEP was to be seen only as a temporary measure. Although it provided Russia with no long term solution to its future development, the NEP was of great success in the short term, thus resulting in it being the saviour of the Russian economy. Grain harvest production had surpassed their pre-1914 levels and widespread electrification was implemented. The market system became decentralised and money was reintroduced, thus allowing and encouraging production levels to increase. Also, agriculture had begun to meet the food needs of the people and the industries began to produce the goods required by the expanding market. This is identified by Robert Service who states that, “agriculture displayed renewed liveliness”, thus can be considered a supporter of the NEP but unreliable to an extent as he was writing amidst the 21st century. It is through these short term achievements as a result of the NEP that allowed the Russian economy to stabilise and revitalize, thus returning the country to a state of normality with the Bolshevik party further securing...
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