Russia Georgia Conflict

Topics: Georgia, Russia, World War II Pages: 10 (3556 words) Published: April 3, 2012
The Russia- Georgia conflict




* Introduction
* Attempts to have proper agreements between Russia and Georgia * The most relevant states and their interests in the Russian-Georgia Conflict * Analysis of the topic from a realist/neorealist and liberal/neoliberal perspective * What is the future of the topic

* Conclusion

This research paper takes a keen look at the crisis that took place between Georgia and Russia that lead to war between them. It keenly examines the build up of the crisis between the two states. The tension between the two states had been caused by disagreement between them regarding matters of international importance. There were to separatist regions, Abkhazia and Ossetia, which had broken away from Georgia and were seeking recognition as independent states. Georgia, their mother country, objected this move and was struggling to win them back. In fact, she, along with other Commonwealth International States, had even imposed sanctions on Abkhazia. However, the resilient states went on to seek assistance in their bid to be recognized as independent break away republics. They approached Russia, along with other nations too and international organizations. Initially, Russia had warned Georgia against joining the NATO. Georgia disregarded this move and went ahead to join. This made Russia to be in support the breakaway republics. Russia acted by first lifting the sanctions imposed by the Commonwealth of international States on Abkhazia. She claimed that the sanctions were making life hard for the people of Georgia and also acting as an impediment to development. She also called upon other members of the Commonwealth International States to take the same action f lifting the sanctions. According to them, these sanctions were outdated and did more harm than good to the socio-economic development of the region. It also tries to look at whether there were any international agreements that had existed between the two states so as to identify whether the crisis was caused by a breach of agreement. This will assist in exposing the party which could have acted in breach of the agreement or expectations. In doing this, the cause of the war between Russia and Georgia will be clear because a brief outlook into the events that preceded the war has been done. The paper has also looked at some of the after war events and the analysis of the whole crisis from different view points. The lessons which can be drawn fro the crisis so as to have a better way of approach to conflicts in the future also emerges from the keen analysis. Attempts to have proper agreements between Russia and Georgia There were two break away regions which were Abkhazia and Ossetia. They had broken away from Georgia and were seeking recognition as independent states. They mostly sort assistance from Russia among other countries and international organizations. Russia had warned Georgia against joining the NATO, lest they, made recognition to Abkhazia and Ossetia as independent countries. Georgia went ahead to join NATO and this made Russia to make the first move of lifting the sanctions that had been imposed on the Abkhazia by the Commonwealth of Independent States. A major conflict had arisen had arisen between Georgia and Russia because they had failed to come into an agreement about whether the two self proclaimed republics were to be recognized. The UN together with other Western countries intervened in this conflict and attempted to resolve the dispute in an amicable manner. Several sessions were convened all with an aim of striking an agreement between the two states but they ended up bearing no fruits. Another Non Governmental Organization that has majorly contributed to this topic is the Global Centre for the Responsibility to protect. It evaluated the Russia Georgia crisis. According to its findings, the Russian government argued that its military operations in...
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