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OCR B: Russia in Turmoil, 1900-1924 - All Possible Essays Questions with Plans (By Harry Bojakowski and Scarlett Stock [04.2013])

1. 1905 1.
Why did Tsarism become so unpopular with some groups by 1905? Throughout the centuries leading up to the 20 , Russia had been ruled by the Romanov dynasty via autocracy. This lead to large periods of stagnation and extremely old-fashioned ways while the rest of European was becoming modern. This, along with many other factors lead to Tsarism becoming so unpopular. Beliefs Actions/Events Circumstances Tsar’s Beliefs – belief in royal Defeat in Russo-Japanese war – Discontent of the workers – 12+ working hours prerogative –“I will never agree Jan 1905 port Arthur fell and Strikes were illegal (only some to the representative form of Russian army defeated. government supervised trade government” Embarrassing and incompetent and inadequate government. unions) Still used and believed in Proved how backward and oldOvercrowding in living backward and classic ways of ruling Russia fashioned they were compared conditions Though he was always right to the rest of the world Cholera outbreak every three politically Figes – “it became patriotic to years General long-term discontent Bad priories – 45% annual be anti-government”. and resentment towards the expenditure on army, only 5% Tsar. on education. nd Bloody Sunday – 22 Jan 1905 Resentment from peasants, Problems with the peasantry – workers and minorities – didn’t Father Gapon marched peaceful 1897 – 82% of the population were peasants, 0.5% were agree with the Tsar –general protestors with a petition for ruling class dissatisfaction of all classes with the Tsar. their government and their Gunned down by imperial Failure of emancipation form open hostility towards it. guards 200+ killed. 1863 Peasants angry and thought Caused over 400,000 workers to For land and freedom average land was...
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