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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Big Payback Notes • Early conflict in the the fiscal underpinnings of hiphop. There was significant backlash from urban purists (essentially those living and breathing hiphop’s four elements by DJing, MCing, breakdancing, and graffiti tagging in its raw street setting) who disliked the commerical sensibiltiies of the Sugar Hill Gang and the mercenary attitudes of rap’s first music label Sugar Hill Records. Term “hiphop” begot cultural factions between those who saw themselves as lubricant partygoers (the Sugar Hill Gang and Joe and Sylvia Robinson) and others who saw themselves as serious artists (Kool Herc hiphop’s sole originator and rising phenom Joey “Run DMC” Simmons). • Rock & Roll proved that the music, the fashion, and the energy could be more than just an ephemeral craze and in fact it could be good business • Simmons: rap shouldn’t be like disco, rap should be like itself. hated the uptown and Bronx’ fanciful aesthetic, the magical costumes worn by Grandmaster Flash and the. • represented a handful of rap clients spread out among several record labels: Kurtis Blow on Mercury, Jimmy Spicer on Spring, Whodini on Jive and Run DM • Luckily bonded and won over Bill Adler, who was taken by Simmons’ blazing charisma and got him on 20/20 and ended up knowing about “Fresh Festival” • spokeout against bald-faced segregationwhere thenetwork was founded bymen who came out of 1970s radio and had been casually jettisoned from FM stations with the rational that the broadcaster’s White male targer audience didn’t like soul and funk music • “Rock Box” in 1984 becomes first video by a rap group to air on Music televition and Run DMC headlines first national rap tour fresh fest • making “the blackest record ever” - transcended poilar approach...amplified actually helped not hurted?2 • within 1985 Def Jam inspired a major motion picture and landed multi-million dollar productiondeal with prestegious rocrd conglomerate • meg cox wall street journal article, originally coined him...
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