Russell Baker on Becoming a Writer

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  • Published : October 5, 2011
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The essay by Russell Baker is astonishing. To write an essay that the writer likes is one thing but, to have more than one person like it, is an accomplishment. After writing an essay, I always disappointed myself when I read over it before it was to be turned in. The writing that I create is not something I like. After I made necessary changes to any essay that I was to write, I still didn’t like it very much. When finished with an essay, to look back, and enjoy what you have written, is beyond my comprehension. Everyone finds their calling somehow and somewhere though. I found my calling when I joined the Navy. Some may find it strange that my calling was found when I joined the military. I spent years wondering what I was to do in life, what I was to make myself. Ideas flowed around in my head but, I never stuck around with one for very long. In high school, I was in the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) and found something that I really enjoyed doing. I found it strange that I couldn’t wait to go to class every day. Even though nothing was specific like, for instance, drill or physical training, I found myself liking the NJROTC’s “mini-military” scene all together as one thing. I found myself wanting more, to be more serious with the training evolutions. I enlisted the moment I turned seventeen. There have been some rough times, I’ll admit, but, I still like it in the end. I find myself happy with what I do and always ready to do more. To break it down even further, I believe that the real calling is that I like to push the limits. People put limits on themselves and the military has shown me to break those limits, to set and achieve higher goals, and to keep going with the going gets tough. I believe that everyone should learn how to break the limits and make higher goals.

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