Topics: Improvised explosive device, Iraq War, Iraq Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: January 6, 2013
The novel Sunrise Over Fallujah is set in modern day Iraq, it is based on the recent war on terror. After graduating high school a young man named Robin Perry decided to join the army instead of going to college even though his father advised him against it. Robin is a tall, intelligent and from Harlem, New York. Couple weeks after graduation Robin only 19 years old, had been on his way to the Iraq. A solider from Georgia named Charles Jones a.k.a Jonesy had become Robin’s best friend in the military. He compares everything to music and has plans to open a Blues club someday, but above it all they vowed to have each other’s back. He wasn’t too sure about Marla who calls him ‘Birdy’ and endlessly teases him. They along with Captain Coles were assigned to the same Humvee for their work with the Civil Affairs Team. The times they were not working they would enjoy their spare time playing football or getting to know each other.

The soldiers in the Civil Affairs Unit are suppose to interact and provide aid to the citizens living in the warzone, they provide them with medicine, water and other basic necessities, most importantly they are there to help develop a new independent political system after Saddam Hussein is gone. One of the first things they learn are the Rules of Engagement but they are frequently changed and so Robin is often confused whether the civilians are shooting because they are from enemy tribes or if they just want Americans dead.

When some Iraqis in an ambulance try to kill Robin and his buddies, he realizes that he cannot relax or be caught off guard at anytime. He is further shaken up by the sight of an officer from his company being pulled from the remains of his vehicle after it was blown up by and IED (Improvised Explosive Device), this image haunts his thoughts for a very long time.

One day Robin and his friends had stopped at one of the bases to refuel and replenish supplies; he had met a unit of all females and thought it was...
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