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Midterm: Song Analysis
“Fly by Night” a song written by the band Rush, a Canadian rock band who came together in August 1968. This song came off the bands second album also named Fly by Night, which was released February 15, 1975. Fly by Night was the first album to feature Neil Peart as the drummer replacing original drummer John Rutsey. Neil Peart is considered to be one of the greatest rock drummers of all time and not only was he a drummer but he was also the lyricist for Rush. The band was also composed of bassists/ lead vocalist Geddy Lee, and guitarist/ back-up vocalist Alex Lifeson. Neil Peart wrote this song about a time when he was 18 and it was his first time leaving home to go on a trip.

This song is 3:21 in length and at a tempo of 138.42 BPM (beats per minute). The song progression is broken down to an Intro (0:00-0:22), Verse 1(0:22-0:36), Chorus (0:36-0:50), Bridge (0:50-0:57), Verse 2(0:57-1:11), Chorus (1:11-1:25), Guitar Solo (1:25-1:52), Chorus (1:52-2:06), Verse 3(2:06-2:34), and ends with the repeating the Chorus 2x(2:34-3:21). Throughout the whole song only three instruments are used and that is the drums, the guitar, and the bass guitar. The Intro is 12 measures long and consists of the bass, drums, and guitar with no vocals. It first starts off with Alex Lifeson on the guitar playing a riff consisting of half-notes and quarter-notes. Then Neil Peart enters in on the drums using parts like the snare drum, tom-toms, crash cymbal, ride cymbal, hi-hat, bass drum, and floor toms. Neil is playing a lot of fills on the snare and tom toms, which are thirty-second notes. Also he is playing a lot of sixteenth notes on the hi-hat and quarter notes on the snare when in the pocket.

Within the song there are three verses, each being different in some way. The first verse is eight measures long. This is the part of the song where the vocals begin. Instrumentally the structure of this section is very similar to...
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