Rural Urban Migration

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Rural Urban Migration

Aaapka Naam kya hai?

Mera Naam “Bechaara” Hai

Bechara ji..aap kahan jaa rahe ho?

Mein apna gaon chod ke “Seher” Jaa raha Hoon

Aap apna gaon chod ke seher kyun jaa rahe ho?

Sahab jii…mein he kya…mere bahaut yaar dost jaa chuke hain..or ab mein bhi jaa raha hoon

Lekin Kaaran toh bataoo….Bechara Ji

Sahab jii…ek kaaran ho toh bataun…lekin aap zor de rahe ho toh sunoo..

Reasons for Rural-Urban Migration
• Poverty/Low Income • • • • Unemployment Wage Differential Seasonal Opportunities/Unemployment Pressure on Land Resources

• Education • Marriage/Moved with Household • Natural disasters

NSSO 2007-08

• 64th round survey on Employment & Unemployment & migration • Conducted during July, 2007 to June, 2008. • Sample of 1,25,578 households • 79,091 : rural areas • 46,487: urban areas • Sample 5,72,254 persons • 3,74,294 : rural areas • 1,97,960 : urban areas

Findings: NSSO 2007-08
• Nearly 57 per cent of urban migrant households migrated from rural areas. • 67 per cent of the households in the urban areas had migrated for employment related reasons. • Migration rate (proportion of migrants in the population) in the urban areas is 35%. • In the urban areas, the male migration rate was nearly 26% compared to female migration rate of 46%. • Prominent reason for female migration in urban areas was marriage: 61 per cent of the urban female migrants the reason was marriage.

Urban Population Growth : 1961-2011

Numbers: NSSO 2007-08

Effect of Migration
• More people-insufficient jobs- unemployment rate increase-more workers chasing too few jobs. • Pressure on urban housing, sub-standard accommodation, improper disposal of sewage and management of solid wastes. • Over-exploitation of natural resources, cities are facing the acute problem of depletion of ground water, air pollution. • Increasing Crime Rate • Narrowing scope of Rural Development • Is poverty of Rural areas getting URBANIZED?...
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