Rural Marketing in Consumer Electronics

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Rural market is now the most important aspect of every product. Whether the product is a Fast Moving Consumer goods or a consumer durable. Rural Marketing is defined as any marketing activity in which the one dominant participant is from a rural area. This implies that rural marketing consists of marketing of inputs (products or services) to the rural as well as marketing of outputs from the rural markets to other geographical areas. A silent revolution is sweeping the Indian countryside. It has compelled marketing whiz kids to go rural. The marketing battlefield has shifted from cities to villages. The rural market of India started showing its potential in the 1960s. The 70s and 80s witnessed its steady development. And, there are clear indications that the 21st century is going to see its full blossoming In our country. Many assumptions prevail about rural marketing. For instance, one assumption is that the rural buyer is not very discriminating. Once he is persuaded to buy a particular product, he develops a strong affinity for it, and if satisfied, becomes brand loyal. As a result, Indian manufacturers are generally known to prefer selling fewer items at higher prices than selling more items at lower prices. A contrary view is that the rural buyer, being suspicious of the marketer’s hardsell techniques, is quite discriminating, and is not easily persuaded. Yet another assumption is that the rural buyer is not particularly keen about quality and packaging. Rural market in consumer electronics segment is still not so widely opened. If you see in electronics good still you find that they are not so easily available in so called “Rural Areas”. The problem does not ends at this only, unawareness and power cut are other problems associated to it.
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