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Integral Review-A Journal of Management
ISSN :2278-6120, Volume 5, No. 1, June-2012, pp 36-41

(A Case Study of Hindustan Unilever Limited)
Dr. Sheela Singh 1, Javed Alam Sheikh 2
1(Director, Ghanshyam Binani Academy of Management Sciences, Mirzapur, U.P., India) 2 (Sr.Lecturer, Ghanshyam Binani Academy of Management Sciences, Mirzapur, U.P., India)

Abstract :
The rural Indian market is no doubt having huge potentials yet to be tapped, but at the same time this market has plenty of obstacles to be handled properly for making a dent in to the rural market. The better understanding of rural market characteristics and rural people psych will help the marketer to integrate in the life of rural people more efficiently and effectively. In this paper we have thrown the lights on the challenges of rural market and the practices of HUL on overcoming these challenges for integrating itself with the life of rural customers.

Keywords: Rural marketing mix, Rural marketing mix policy, Challenges of rural market. Introduction :
The real India lives in the village. Rural marketing is the new buzzword as the new marketing mantra for the survival and the growth of and the success forcing companies to go rural. These statements tell the importance of rural marketing for the survival and the growth of any marketers and is supported by the facts given belowThe total FMCG market is in excess of US$16.4 billion and is set to treble from US$11.6 billion in 2003 to US$33.4 billion in 2015. It is currently growing at 14%. With 12.2% of the world population living in the villages of India, the Indian rural FMCG market is something no one can overlook. Need and Importance of Rural Marketing Mix Policy :

As we know the differences between the rural and urban customers on the parameters of the environment they are living, the marketers must try to formulate a different policy of marketing mix for marketing to the rural customers, containing the guidelines for providing coherence in decision making with respect to any course of action under well defined and determined situation. If a simple question is asked • Who does not want to get more out of their life? • Who does not want to add vitality in their life and?

• Who does not want to look good, feel good?

The response of these questions will be definitely “no” and major portion of the “no” will be coming from the rural people, because of their higher representation in total population in INDIA. In this buzzword of ruralize the success will be with only those marketers who understand the challenges of rural market well and try to formulate a proper guide lines and framework on their marketing mix because of the challenges of rural market depicted below in Figure 1.

Integral Review - A Journal of Management, Vol.5 No.1, June-2012


Making A Dent Into The Rural Market
Figure 1 : Distinctive Capabilities

Source: Accenture Research Report Masters of rural markets: The Hallmarks of High Performance

The major problem in rural marketing (as per the figure 1) is distribution followed by the customization of the products and others also making an significant affects for the success that’s why it becomes obligatory to that marketer who wants to go for rural marketing, the solution of all these aspects can be better solved by formulating a separate marketing mix policy which must be capable of handling these aspects. Rural Marketing Mix :

Marketing mix refers to the set of tools used by a company to promote and sell its brands or product in market.
“The most important decisions, and indeed the essence of the marketing manager ’s task within a company, are decision about the controllable marketing variables: decision about what E.Jerome Mc Carthy termed the 4Ps: product,price,place and promotion.” On contrary to the traditional 4P’s model, some of the marketers are adopting...
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