Rural Marketing

Topics: Socioeconomics, India, Infrastructure Pages: 3 (579 words) Published: March 26, 2013
“Emerging opportunities in Rural Market 0f India”

Marketing Seminar 2012

Held at ITS Mohanagar on 2-3 March
Submitted by,
Krishna Kumar & Vikram Kumar Jaiswal
PGDM (2011-13)
emails:-, Contact number: Krishna-7827249697, vikram-8287948327
“Emerging opportunities in Rural Market of India”
‘India lives in villages’ According to approximation of census 2011, 69% of the entire population of India lives in villages. Most of the national as well as international corporations are attracting towards Indian rural market because its potential is still untapped.

* Research focus:
* To know the emerging opportunity in the rural market.
* To know the different challenges with the rural market. * Scope of growth and expansion for different industry in rural market. * Research methods:
* Descriptive Research: The aim of our research is to obtain an accurate profile of the people, events and situations. We had clear view or picture of the phenomena being investigated before the data collection procedure is carried out. The emphasis is on describing rather than on judging or interpreting. * Findings of the research

Reasons for untapped market:
* Large and Scattered Market – This market is large and scattered in the sense that it consists of over 69 percent consumers from 6.4 lakhs villages. * Major Income from Agriculture Sector – In Rural sector the main source of income is agriculture. Thus, the growth of rural sector depends upon the growth of agriculture. * Socio Economic Backwardness – Rural consumers have diverse socio-economic backwardness. * Low Standard of Living – The standard of living of consumer is low because of low income, low savings and social backwardness. * Conservative Outlook – Most of the consumer in the rural area are of conservative nature. They do not want to change their old customs and traditions. * Lack of...
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