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Asian Journal of Technology & Management Research [ISSN: 2249 –0892]

Vol. 01 – Issue: 01 (Jan - Jun 2011)



Consumer behavior in the rural market is even more perplexing because of a singular lack of consistency in groups which are homogeneous in parameters of demographicsAge, occupation, education and income. Most marketers realize that India is on the cusp of momentous change. The economy is vibrant, incomes are rising & the habits, preferences & attitude are changing rapidly. But no where is it more evident than in rural India. There is, thus an emerging need to build expertise in rural marketing. There are three challenges that rural marketers must overcome. The first of this is the challenges of reach-markets in the rural India that are small & scattered making them inaccessible & unreliable or both. But this problem is not new & many companies let it hamper them unduly even as others overcome it with innovation. The next challenge is to ensure that the consumers are aware of your brand and want it. The third challenge in RM is influence. It is an old saying that customer is the king because he is the person whose decision have affect on the demand of any product or service. The attitude of consumer or buyer decides how demand will emerge for a new product & service & how existing goods and services would survive in future and in which manner. The study of consumer behavior implies how & why a particular consumer reacts to the decisions of producers. The study of consumer behavior is the study of how individual make decision to spend their available resources (time, money, effort) on consumption related items. It includes the study of why they buy it, when they buy it, where they buy it, how often they buy it & how often they use it. I.0 STAGES IN THE BUYING PROCESS Consumers pass through five stages while making a purchases decision. In low involvement rural and urban consumers may skip some of these stages. A woman buying

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Asian Journal of Technology & Management Research [ISSN: 2249 –0892]

Vol. 01 – Issue: 01 (Jan - Jun 2011)

her regular brands of daily use, groceries will identify the need and purchases from the shop, skipping two stages. It is in the purchase of high-involvement products that a rural consumer display different motives relating to the problem recognition, source of information, Evaluation procedures, collective decision and different post purchase behavior. This creates need to treat each stage of the marketing process differently for rural and urban consumers. Stages in the buying process Problem Recognition ↓ Information search ↓ Evaluation of alternatives ↓ Purchase decision ↓ Post-purchase behavior In competitive environment one cannot thrust a product on consumer. He has to produce what is demanded or what can be demanded. Some of the advantage of study of consumer behavior is as under• • • • • • Saves from disaster. Helps in formulating right marketing strategy. Helps in sales promotion. Helps in development of new products. Helps in product orientation. Helps consumer to study their behavior. II.0 UNDERSTANDING RURAL CONSUMER In the initial years the focus was on the easily accessible well developed urban market. Soon there was proliferation of brands and intense competition resulting in the near saturation of the urban market. This forced companies to go for greener a pasture that is new markets.

Asian Journal of Technology & Management Research [ISSN: 2249 –0892]

Vol. 01 – Issue: 01 (Jan - Jun 2011)

All eyes turned to the world most promising potential market of 742 million rural consumers, who had yet to taste the fruit of modernity. A promise that seemed ready to be fulfilled because of explosion in the buying capacity in the rural...
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