Rural Area and Busy City

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  • Published : April 8, 2001
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We all human beings have our good and bad days in our every day life. We like the good days but we don't like the bad days. Every one of us has some place where like to get away and forget about the problems. I have my place, which is my favorite gym where I spent a lot of time. Workout is the best medicine for me to relax and regain my power. I am a very healthy person who eats very clean and works out on regular bases. Staying in shape makes me feel good about keeps and myself me disciplined and motivated. Workout is a very important part of my life, which helps me to regain perspective of life and the balance that I lost through out the day. I just love to jump on the stair master on a bike, do my workout and just fly away with my thought. After ninety minutes of workout I am tired and sweaty. The tiredness feels very good and it feels like I am recharged aging. In the essay "A Visit with the Folks" by Russell Baker the author also has his place where he likes to go to and relax. Baker enjoys coming to the old cemetery in the countryside to visit his relatives. He goes there to gain his perspective and the guidance he has lost to the difficult outside world. When he goes back to the cemetery to see his dead family members "it slows the juices down something marvelous" he says. From time to time, Baker goes back to a churchyard cemetery situated in a beautiful countryside surrounded by the view of blue mountains, blossoming roses on fieldstone fences and fields of white daisies. He goes there to visit his family members who passed away. As he moves from tombstones to tombstones, he remembers his folks and individually recalls memories and situations about them from the pass. He bear in mind his folks and guidance they gave him. For example, he remembers his uncle Lewis who was a barber who always wanted to give him a haircut. Such encounter with his memories changes his state of mind and conquers his busy life in the city. At the end Baker...
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