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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Reading: Arsenault, A. & Castells, M. (2008). Switching power: Rupert Murdoch and the global business of media politics. International Sociology, 23(4), 488-513. a.In the concluding sentence of their study, Arsenault & Castells (2009: 509) argue that “[m]edia politics and the politics of scandal are simply the manifestation of a deeper structure of power-making in the network society”. By actively referring to Arsenault & Castells (2009), explain what they mean by this claim. Thus, consider how power-making is organised in a network society and what this implies for media politics and the politics of scandal.

The network society has key social actors to shape the social world by controlling information. The mass media can shape the social world by including or excluding communities of individuals from the networks, so they can control communication delivery platforms in a political, economical or sociological way. Thus, the power in the network society is used by the corporate media actors to achieve their business goals. Where does this power lie in the network society? Arsenault and Castells claim that the power to exclude communities or individuals from the network is the most fundamental mechanism of domination. But they also claim that the capacity to control over others depends on the ability to program or reprogram the goals assigned to the network and the ability to connect networks to ensure cooperation by sharing the same goals or and increase their resources. (Arsenault & Castells, 2008, p. 489). In the network society, the power is embedded in the processes of communication through mass media and the Internet. Ideologies, interests, visions and ideas are the content of these communication platforms, thus the communication platforms are the fields of power in the network society. (Arsenault & Castells, p. 490) The power-making in a network society is organized through a business model. The business model of The Murdoch/Newscorp for an...
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