Running Surfaces

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Running and its Effects on the body
Running is one of the oldest forms of demonstration of physical prowess and overall fitness. In time periods before the invention of the car and when animal transport was not available, it was the only way to get from A to B. I will be discussing the effects of running on the human body, mainly the legs, and the long-term repercussions that running can have.

Different surfaces have different effects on the body and can easily affect the difficulty of a long run or cause a runner to have an accident and hurt themselves while running. It is for that reason that I will be discussing the pros and cons of running on different surfaces. Grass-One of the most basic of all running surfaces, grass is a good choice for the modern runner due to its soft, cushioned surface which will put less stress on the runners’ knees and prevent long term damage. It is also prevalence in most places. It is also useful for running because of the fact that, while it is soft and cushioned, it makes your muscles work harder to push off the soft surface and is useful for training to prepare for competition running. It’s also good for long-distance running since it can be found in large stretches so as to prevent the runner from having to make multiple repetitious laps like they would have to on a track.

Some of the problems with grass running are that it is often difficult to find grass areas that are flat throughout, most of them being riddled with holes and uneven ground. They can also become slippery after rain. Synthetic Track- The runner’s go-to option for training, synthetic track offers a versatile surface that offers a good all-around running surface. The main advantages of tracks today are that they offer a fairly soft, spongy surface which will prevent knee damage to runner’s legs and they provide exactly one quarter-mile per lap, which can be very useful in timing for training. Their gripping surface is also ideal for speed running....
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