Running Rsa as Service

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  • Published : March 1, 2011
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Installing RSA as a service.
After configuring the RSA polling settings. Please perform the followinf steps for running RSA as a service on the local server.

1. Locate the Remote Synchronization Agent (RSA) executable acirsa.exe present in the installation path of Kofax bin folder. 2. Execute the following command on command prompt.

"" - install

e.g “C:\Program Files\Kofax\Capture\Bin\fp.exe” -install

Note that the quotation marks around the path and executable name are required, as shown in the command line syntax.
Note You must be logged in to Windows with administrative rights to install services.

Notification of Successful Service Installation
After you run the installation command for services, a message displays to confirm a successful installation.
Once the successful installation message displays, the Kofax Capture service is installed. In addition, the module will be listed in the list of Services displayed from the Windows Services utility.

To launch the Services utility
1 From the Windows Control Panel, select Administrative Tools | Services. 2 When the Services utility starts, look for the name of the Kofax Capture module that you installed as a service

Configure Kofax Capture Services
After installing a Kofax Capture service, you use the Windows Services utility to configure a startup type and a logon account type.
Note By default, the startup type selection is “Manual.” To configure a Kofax Capture service to start automatically at system boot, you need to change the startup type to “Automatic.”

For the logon account, you must specify a Windows user account that is valid for the workstation where you intend to run the Kofax Capture service. By default, all Kofax Capture services use the LocalSystem account as the default user. It is recommended that you change this to be a standard user account. If you are accessing resources in a network environment, be sure to specify a valid network account. You cannot configure...
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