Running Record

Topics: The Child, Play Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: June 26, 2011
Focus child: VM
Birth date of child: August 5, 2007 (3.10 years)
Date of observation: June 10, 2011
Documented by: NM

Event - Start 10.30am
The children NM is responsible for begin to arrive to the play date. Including the own children. Play experiences involving different areas of learning, are set up for all to participate. Children also have the opportunity to suggest activities. After snack time, all children sat on the couch to sing nursery songs. VM requested to sing, “Five little Ducks” song that happens to be one of the child’s favourites .The children sing the song so comfortably with NM. How many ducks were there VM? NM asked the child and said that there were five ducks. VM used his fingers to count from one to five and then said, “Ducks go quack quack”. NM asked the child, “What colour are ducks? ” The child said, “Ducks are yellow”. After the short question time, all the children requested to sing the song once again. NM observed that the child was able to count from one to five more confidently then before.

The children have been instructed that it is now time free play. Three-year-old VM looks around the room for a while and walks over to the home corner. Today this play area is equipped with tea set, blocks and soft toys. VM then walks to the bathtub, brings out five coloured ducks from the bathtub toys and places the ducks around the play mat in the home corner. As the child seats the ducks on the play mat, VM does talk to himself with a low voice “You are Mummy Duck”, (chose the largest duck).VM then proceeds to give each duck a place in the family. The child picks up the smaller ducks and said, “You are the Baby Ducks”. NM asked, “How many ducks do you need if it is like the song?” .VM begins to count the ducks that he had placed on the mat and replied, “All together there are five ducks Mum”. NM asked, “Where do ducks go together and how far do they swim?” VM replied, “One day ducks went swimming up and over the...
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