Running Head: a Family Celebration

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A Family Celebration
Tamica Ellis

A family celebration is a time for family to get together on any occasion, whether it is a birthday, wedding, graduation ceremony, holiday or a family gathering. A celebration is a time to celebrate and have fun. A celebration is a memory you can’t forget, because it means a lot to you. It’s the type of memory; you can pass down from generation to generation. For example, a family reunion is a great celebration, when thinking of family. Celebrations doesn’t have to be big, it can consist of a grandmother, mother, father, brother, sister or friend. I think everyone has a memory of some type of family celebration in their life time. I really believe families should celebrate special occasions together and depend on one another in any type of situation.

A Family Celebration
On April 7, 2011, my daughter Kemari Leah was born at 9:11am. That was a very special celebration to me. Not all my family members were there, at the hospital, but my immediate family (mom, brother, sister, and fiancé) were. It was such a joy to have a new edition to the family. Since I had her before the expected delivery date, I wasn’t able to have my baby shower as planned. So instead everyone decided to come by my house a day after we got home from the hospital. Almost everyone showed up; cousins, aunts, and friends. It was nice; my mom cooked a big dinner for everyone. My family bought Kemari lots of pretty gifts (clothes, pampers, etc.). At the end of the celebration, everyone was leaving out, saying how much they love me and Kemari. It was great to feel all the love from my family and friends. It just felt like I can depend on them for anything. November 21, 2010, was the day my daughter received her Baby Blessing. Kemari was seven months at the time. This celebration only included my cousin and her husband, my mother, my fiancé, and best friend. My best friend is my daughter’s...
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