Running Head: Forever 21: Dealing with America’s fear of aging and death

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Running Head: Forever 21: Dealing with America’s fear of aging and death 1

Forever 21: Dealing with America’s fear of aging and death Marcia L. Felder
Liberty University

Forever 21: Dealing with America’s fear of aging and death 2


The basis of fear of aging and death are partly due to how we view life. Everything about this life structure is based on a beginning and end. Nothing in this world will last forever except our souls, which we have an option of how and where we will spend eternity. However, getting back to the journey we call life, our bodies are constantly changing as are the times and seasons. I believe that the worldview of life has caused a great “fear” in our minds regarding the aging process and society is beginning to take a stand against the enemies called fear and death. Considering how our lives are being affected by the environment, social status, media, government, pharmaceutical industry and the foods that we consume, it is a “wake up” call to all generations. Older adults can no longer enjoy the “senior” years without having to worry about their health. Rather than growing old gracefully, older adults and some of the younger generations, tend to suffer from various sicknesses and diseases that affect their health and well-being. Usually, upon the onset of any debilitating disease, that is normally when the spirit of fear sets in. The fear how of am I going to survive this? In order to prolong the inevitable, there must be a change in the “thought” process—the way we view life and our temples. There also must be a change in diet and exercise is also as equally important (even at the very minimal). You cannot deny the fact that will continue to age and eventually die; however, you can reverse the process in order to delay an untimely death. As we take a closer look at this process and begin to understand what is happening in our bodies, we may no longer fear the process of aging and we can prepare ourselves for the transition that we call death. We can win this fight against premature aging and death with just a few adjustments in our lifestyles. The choice is ultimately up to you. Forever 21: Dealing with America’s fear of aging and dying: 3

Just as the world is in a constant state of change, so are our bodies. We grow from a state of infancy to adulthood. Our bodies are constantly undergoing a process called change and development, and death is also included into this process that we call life. No matter how you look at it, think about it, or not think about it, death is inevitable. It is the point in time that our fleshly coverings that we dwell in, will cease to exist. However, there is so much information available now on how to live a healthier life and increase your chances of longevity that we should no longer fear the aging process or death. In the book the Best Kept Secrets to Healthy Aging, researchers have found, that, a new era in nutritional science is currently emerging--one that is built on a foundation of evidence-based nutraceutical use, strongly supported by scientifically sound and reproducible research and sharply contrasting with dietary supplemental use previously based on questionable studies or anecdotal information. Although the biomedical literature on evidence-based nutraceutical use is vast and steadily increasing, this research has been largely ignored by most mainstream healthcare professionals, especially conventional medical doctors( Kendler, 2006). The lack of interest by the vast majority of health-care professionals is largely due to the pharmaceutical industry because it would cut into their large profit margins. However, there are some healthcare professionals and nutritionists who have overlooked the greed of the perpetrator and will agree that further research should be done and offer the information freely to their patients. It is not always about the money to some...
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