Running at Dawn: a Short Story.

Topics: High school, Fell running, Sprained ankle Pages: 2 (895 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Remington “Remi” Nelson is a fourteen-year-old girl who had just moved to Portland, Oregon this past June from Woodbridge, Virginia. Remi has always been a strong runner with endurance that was downright envious. When she lived Woodbridge, she was featured in her county’s newspaper several times for her excellent times running a 5k. Her very best time was a 16:29. Now starting her freshman year in a new school, she wanted to make a name for herself and get on the varsity cross-country team. And since Remi believed that practice makes perfect, she woke up at five-thirty every morning to run a 15k, which is roughly 9.3 miles. Remi plans on doing this until September second, which is her fifteenth birthday, first day of school, and cross-country try-outs. And I think you can blatantly tell that Remi has a determined passion for running, at dawn.

With less than six weeks until her birthday, try-outs, and first day of high school, Remi woke up at five-thirty in the morning, dressed herself, grabbed a protein bar, kissed her mom and dad on the cheek, and by five thirty-eight, Remi was out the door. Since Remi didn’t know the neighborhood well, she had a mini GPS she could just strap on to her arm and tell her where she was going. She felt a nudge on her shoulder. “Hey!” the petite girl in standing in front of her said “Oh my gosh! You scared me.” Remi said as she took her earphones out of her ears. “Sorry, I know you’re new in the neighborhood and you’re the only person I see running at this time of the day, so I just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Elise Rasmussen and I’m fourteen years old.” she said. “Oh, okay, well I’m Remington, but you can call me Remi, and I’m fourteen too. Are you going to Stonebridge High this fall?” She couldn’t really see Elise because of the fog, but she could easily spot her neon yellow running shorts. “Yes, I am. Uh, how about we run right now, and chat while we jog? Remi nodded her head. Remi was surprised she had just...
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