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Topics: Future, Time, Employment Pages: 6 (1647 words) Published: April 26, 2013
1 Student's Life
Researched Position Paper

Student's Life
Nowadays, the most important factor in our society is "work". Work contains a lot of important
things, and it has advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Each one of us has a certain goal
in order to achieve and without money, nothing will be done. Therefore work can give us a lot of
money and in this way we will build our first step on a young age and move forward. As we all
know, every single goal needs a lot of work in order to be done, so, really we have to study well and
work hard. Some of them are addicted to money and according to them, life is money and nothing
else. Money is important for all of us and it has a very important role that can change our future but
at the same time, we should not be addicted to it. Some people say that students should work and study at
the same time, while others say that they should not work because they will be affected negatively.
Some of them think that students should not study and work at the same time because first, they
will do not have enough time to do their homework correctly and study well. They believe that
students will put a lot of their mental abilities to fulfill as many tasks as they can and they will think
of the problems that they have at work, at universities, at home ( A lot of time will be wasted and
their brain will focus automatically on their work instead of their studies because work will give
them money and let them feel a bit comfortable and buy what they want. Most of my friends work
and study at the same time and they are affected negatively because they have a lot of absence in
their universities and a lot of courses are repeated. They should cover till now around 50 credits but
they have 25 credits in their pockets only. A lot of people think that students should work when
they finish university and in order to work, there are a specific number of steps to apply in order to
gain both sides and be great as well. Others say that working during studying, has disadvantages.
For example, students will face difficulties in concentration during lessons( (10 april 2008). According to them,
students cant be successful in both of them, so they must prefer studying at university than having a job.
2Student's Life
Second, some people think that working and studying at the same time harm the body and destroy
it as well. According to Erin Allday, "third shift workers can develop a condition known as shift
worker disorder". Digestive and cardiac problems may occur because of working for a long period
of time. The body needs specific number of hours in order to rest and feel comfortable and we all
know that it needs to sleep around 6 hours to function correct the next day( The human being should
be active during daytime hours but at night, the body should sleep inorder to rest and recover
energy. According to the body's "biological" clocks, working at night and sleeping during the day,
harm the body and destroy it. This may make the body unable to recover as quickly from mental
and physical exertions(
So, there is more than one reason that can affect others opinion and let them feel that working
during studying is something wrong. In fact, this can also lead to stress, and when someone faces
this kind of problem, this means that he or she will live a bad life and do a lot of fights that can
automatically let the specific person lose a huge number of his close friends. Others say that...
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