Runaway Teens Cause and Effect Essay Outline

Topics: Crime, Assault, The Runaways Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: December 8, 2011
Outline: “Runaway Teens”
By: Faith Drum
I Intro:
Lead: “Oh, we dont have a runaway problem here.” The location is irrelevant, and we here it all the time. Runaway teenagers are not just a problem here or across the ocean, its all over the world.

Thesis Statement:
Not only in the U.S., Europe, Canada, or China but, runaway teenagers are a big, yet silent problem everywhere.

There are three main causes of runaways in the world: Children own emotional problems, dysfunctional, neglectful, or abusive family environment, and personal or selfish problems; also, with every action there are consequenses.

II The first cause of runaway teens are children own emotional problems. Depression.
Problems with school, relationships, picked on or even beaten up, weight, and looks.
III Dysfunctional, neglectful, or abusive family environment is also a cause for runaway. 1. Parents involved in illegal activity.
Taking pills, smoking weed, stealing, breaking the law etc. 2. Parental relationships.
Remarriage, divorce, more than one partner.
3.Parent attitude toward child.
Hitting, no attention, strict, physical or mental abuse. IV Last but not least, personal problems.
1. Peer pressure.
Gang relationship, bet, dares, relationship pressure. 2. Illegal activity not allowed at home.
Gang relationship, drug use.
3. Relationships.
Parents disagree with friends, not allowed to date, met someone online. Story: A girl was in a relationship with Butler on the internet and with a cell phone even after her parents found out and tried to stop her. He picked her up on a saturday evening to runaway as man and wife. When she had second thoughts she sent text messages with the description of the car to her sister, enabling state police to catch the man. The relationship went on for a year before she decided to leave with him. She was only a few...
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