Runaway Jury

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Film Analysis

Georgina R.
Legal Environment of Business
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Runaway Jury is an American legal drama/thriller film from 2003. It was directed by Gary Fleder (Don’t Say a Word, The Express) and stars an all-star cast made up of John Cusack (The Thin Red Line, Being John Malkovich), Gene Hackman (No Way Out, The Royal Tenenbaums), Dustin Hoffman (Kramer vs. Kramer, Rain Man), and Rachel Weisz (Enemy at the Gate, The Constant Gardener). Runaway Jury is a film adaptation of John Grisham’s The Runaway Jury, a legal thriller written in 2001. Two years after Celeste Wood’s husband was gunned downed at his work place by a failed day trader she, along with her attorney Wendell Rohr (Hoffman), take the weapons manufacturer, Vicksbergs Firearms, to court on grounds of gross negligence due to large amounts of firearms (semi-automatics) being purchased on a regular basis by one party, who then turns around to sell them for a profit. The defendant’s team is made up of Durwood Cable and a jury consultant, Rankin Fitch (Hackman). Throughout the jury selection process Fitch is calling the shots behind the scene as Fitch and his team have set up surveillance cameras to view the happenings within the court room. As potential jurors are called and questioned, Fitch’s team research into each person’s life and then gives Durwood the green-light to keep them on board. One of the potential jurors is Nick Easter (Cusack), a seemingly easy going guy who would much rather be anywhere else but the boardroom. Fitch’s team looks into Easter’s background but nothing comes up. After the 12 jurors, and alternates, have been picked the trial begins. Fitch receives a call from a Marlee (Weisz), who promises she can guarantee a verdict in the defenses favor for a price – ten million dollars. Marlee makes this same offer towards the plaintiff. It comes out Marlee and Easter are working together, Marlee from the outside and Easter within....
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