Run Lola Run Interview

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  • Published : October 12, 2011
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INTERVIEWER: Good morning viewers, this is Justin Meyer and welcome back to another episode of Directors Cut. Today we are joined by the famous German director, Tom Tykwer, to discuss his recent film entitled: Run Lola Run. This film presents us with the compelling story of Lola, and her quest to find 100,000 marks to save Manni from sudden death by the hand of mobsters on the streets of Berlin. What I find most intriguing about this film is the unfolding sequence of events which gives us three alternative ending to the text, presenting a variety of chances for Lola and of course for Manni, to solve their dilemma. Tom, why did you choose such a non- sequential order to present the film, and what does this present for the audience? INTERVIEWEE: First of all thanks for having me on the show, Justin. Well to answer your question first I believe that short films are more my speciality, as this is actually my first full feature film but this did come to my advantage as not many films can present ideas such as destiny and the full effects of one’s actions on the same situations in life. I think this film presents questions such as what if we could potentially relive a critical twenty minutes in our lives, how would we change certain things and to what extent would our varied behaviour change the final outcome of our actions? Do we simply rely on fate and destiny to carry out a course of events or is it really the ability of the small actions that carry out a certain butterfly effect on situations in our lives? INTERVIEWER: Certainly, the relationship between destiny and action is explored, but I do believe the theme of love, perhaps true love is also presented in this text? INTERVIEWEE: Yes the love story between Manni and Lola is quite a motif carried throughout the film, showing both Lola’s anxiety as she questions how much Manni actually cares for her in the transition between the first alternative ending to the second, where there is a dream sequence revealing...
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