Run Lola Run

Topics: Run Lola Run, Tom Tykwer, Franka Potente Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: October 11, 2012
The 1998 film ‘Run Lola Run’ directed by Tom Tykwer uses visual techniques to convey messages to the audience and involve the audience in the experiences that the images create. The use of a variety of techniques create distinctively visual images that are both memorable and unique, they feature visuals that are highly distinctive. With the use of techniques including symbolism, characterisation, animation and camera techniques, Tykwer explores and conveys ideas about the nature of love, subjectivity and inescapabilty of time and the absurdity of chance events. Tykwer portrays the distinctively visual images of Lola running, the red filter scenes, animated sequences and the split screens. ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes, also utilizes distinctively visual imagery in the areas of setting, symbolism and characterisation to explore similar ideas about love and fate. Tykwer’s post-modern film is both important and influential that is remarkable for its use of a variety of innovative techniques, such as a non-linear narrative and a combination of animation ad traditional film styles. The distinctively visual image of Lola running is formed through the use of characterisation and camera shots. The image of Lola running sticks with the audience and reoccurs throughout the entire film. Lola’s red hair and youthful, urban dress illustrates a unique character. Her red hair symbolises the passion she lives with, her pants and shoes look industrial, suggesting she is resilient and strong. Her belly and tattoo being exposed indicates a carefree confidence. The tracking shot engages the audience in scenes of Lola running, it creates a sense of speed and urgency. The camera tracks in various angles, often mid-shot and side-on, this particular shot type enables the audience to be “carried along” by Lola’s momentum, thus, feeling the energy and determinism of Lola. Tykwer often cuts to close-ups of Lola’s face while she is running; shot from front-on, doing so shows Lola’s...
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