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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Advanced Animal Science:
The Livestock Industry & How It Can Improve the World’s Food Population

1st Block
Green Day
Mrs. Zoglmann
The Livestock Industry & How It Can Improve the World’s Food Population
A question that is always on anyone who is involved in the agriculture industry’s mind is this: As the world’s population steadily rises and more and more countries continue to develop, will the livestock industry be able to keep up with the demanding increases?? As of today, world agriculture has managed to successfully be able to provide for the world population and its continued growth. But will it be able to keep pace for the demand for food in the future, to provide for the world population, whereas many places are continuing to grow and develop? One of the most important aspects of this very question is whether or not the livestock industry, particularly the meat and dairy division, will be able to sustain an additional 2 billion people by 2050 (Clay). The livestock industry can and will be successful with the help of an expanding feed industry and crop industry, that will develop enough to assist and supply the growing livestock industry.

Farmers cannot double their production of livestock by 2050 on their own. They will rely heavily upon the governments of the newly developing countries, for their cooperation to kick start their own agricultural industry. Even more importantly, the farmers in the livestock industry will need to be supported by input suppliers, such as fertilizer and feed companies; for without their mutual aid, the amount of feed needed to maintain the growing number of livestock necessary for the population will create a massive amount of debt for the livestock farmers.

Rising feed costs have greatly impacted the livestock industry, and not in a positive light. Dairy farmers recently experienced a period of severe losses stemming from rising feed costs and reduced exports (Hofstrand). Beef cow inventories and...
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