Rules of PAASCU

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  • Published : September 25, 2012
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1. When praying always use the microphone. The prayer should be a prepared prayer and a meaningful one. 2. When PAASCU members come in the middle of the class/discussion, do not greet the teachers 3. When the PAASCU members goes in the class when the discussion/class has not start, do greet them. 4. During anywhere and anytime in school do not RUN, SHOUT and FIGHT with classmates 5. When going out to function rooms like science lab and chapel always make a straight line and fall in line properly. 6. When the teachers are bringing a lot of things, do help them with their stuff and when you see anyone in the school always greet them. 7. Show respect to all teachers and PAASCU members

8. Continue to fix the bulletin board.
9. Always make the classroom clean as possible
10. Segregate the trash.
11. Do not use the observer’s chair and always look if there are 3 extra mono block chair outside the classroom. 12. Behave properly in class, canteen and anywhere in school 13. Show importance to all people inside the JCA premises. 14. Know the lyrics and meaning of the school song and memorize the national anthem 15. Master the mission, vision, core values and etc. Of the school 16. Speak fluent English.

17. When asked by the PAASCU members in Filipino answer in Filipino 18. As a JCA student we must have good values.(king, patient , helpful and etc.) 19. Say “Good bye and thank you” to all teachers when they are leaving. 20. Be prepared for ambush interviews and observers.

Reminder : Not just for the PAASCU days but also for the remaining days of the school year.
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