Rules of Ownership Regarding Medical Records

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  • Published : October 9, 2010
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Healthcare Legal Concepts


hase: 3 Individual ProjectRules of Ownership Regarding Medical Records

Instructor: Nena Scott

September 10, 2010


We will discuss the common principle about the possession of medical records. I will also explain what the requirements are for the ROI (release of information). Also I will look at the request of amendments, revocation of authorization, and what the timely response mandates maybe (Colorado Tech. Online, 2010).

Possession of Health Records

The general idea of ownership of health records have changed. When it was the paper medical records it was the general idea that they were owned by the healthcare provider. Now that we cover electronic health records (EHR’s), it is the thought that the healthcare provider still owns it, although the patient can see their medical record. In the future it will be as though the healthcare provider is trusted with the information for the benefit of the patient. Some states are established, while in other states it may establish by licensing regulations or by judicial decisions. (Chapter 5 e-book)

Release of information (ROI) logs is also a very important. The purpose of these logs is to provide each individual with an account of disclosures. The ROI needs to include the date it was disclosed, the name and address of person that is receiving the disclosure, a concise narrative of the medical record information being disclosed, and a small account for the principle of it or a copy of the request for the information. This is to help ensure the correct information about the correct patient is being released to the right place or person. It is also a way to help keep track of what information is going out about each patient at what given time and date. (AHIMA, December 28, 2000)

Requesting for an amendment to your medical record is when you find something in your record that you feel is not correct. You can fill out a request form that...
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