Rules of Hockey

Topics: Ice hockey, Ice hockey statistics, Goaltender Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Rebecca L. Scrip
October 11, 2010
Mr. William Cleary
The Rules Of Hockey
Hockey is known as one of the most fast paced sports known to man. It can be an easy sport to follow, but for those who are new to the sport it can be confusing. There are many rules to the game. The first thing you need to know about hockey is the players. To start there are 5 players on each side other than the goalie. The goalies job is to block the opposing team’s shots on goal. On the ice they are usually set up as three forwards and two defenders. The forwards are centre and two wings. A centre leads the attack and passes to the wings on the sides to steer towards the opposing team’s goal. The wings help the centre by setting up a shot on goal. Now for the defenseman they try to stop the opposing team by breaking up passes, shots on goal, and cover the opposing team’s forwards and wings. Players will often receive penalties for their constant bad behavior. There are many different types of penalties. Minor, major, misconduct, penalty shot, and delayed penalty. A Minor penalty is for 2 minutes for things such as boarding, charging, cross-checking etc. A major penalty can result in five minutes in the box, a misconduct for ten minutes; a game misconduct which sends a player out for the whole game. For cases of extreme cheap shots or attempts to injure, the league will review the incident and can hand out stiffer suspensions of a couple games and/or fine. There are three main rules are offsides, two line pass, and icing. Offsides is where an attacker crosses the defending teams blue line before the puck. A two line pass is where a player passes the puck from his defending zone to his teammate across the red center line. Icing is where you shoot or clear the puck from your defensive to zone to the opposing teams defensive zone before one of their defenseman or goalie touches it. Hockey is a physical sport. You are not...
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