Rules of Community

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Rules of Community Summary
The Rules of the Community, which was originally known as the Manual of Discipline, contains the set of regulations that were applied to the Yahad. The Yahad lived in the wilderness of the Judean desert, away from civilization. The sect lived as collectivist community, but in order to be a member, you had to accept and follow the strict “terms and conditions.” The main function of the Rules of the Community is to list out the the disciplinary action that would be enforced on those who broke the rules. Now you can see why it was once called the “Manual of Discipline.” The rules also included the process of how one is to join the sect, how people should interact within the group, the way of life, and their beliefs/morals as a community. The Yahad’s main movement was to divide mankind between two groups; the righteous, and the wicked. Besides that you could almost say that they were early “Calvinists” in a way because they also believed that everything that happens in the world is irreversibly predestined to occur. The Scroll ends with Songs of praise to God. Other Notes : 1QS stands for Cave 1/Qumran/Serekh(rule) Most complete copy was found in first cave* Breakdown: In column “i” lines 1—15 the ideals of the community are set out. In column i line 16—column iii line 12 the following rules are described: Ritual and ceremony to enter the community are set out, (b) the covenant should be renewed annually, and (c) the need for inner conversion; (3) in column 3 line 13—column iv line 26 dualistic beliefs are set forth; (4) in column 5 line 1—column 7 line 25 are collections of rules, oaths, and rules governing administration, reproof and priestly presence; (5) in column 8— column 10 line 8 are references to a true, spiritual temple (i.e. community) established in the wilderness (wise leader; liturgical calendar); (6) in column 10 line 9—column 11 line 22 is hymn of praise (to creation similar to the Hodayot). (This was taken...
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