Rule of Law Paper

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Rule of Law Paper
Currently computer use has become a day-to-day activity for students, professionals, universities, teachers, bankers, in entertainment, in medical business, and in organizations. As any other mechanism, the computer has two ways of operation. One use is good and essential, while the other is bad and unnecessary. Whenever a new machine is invented, many people use it for the wrong purpose unintentionally and so to make them conscious of their wrong use and to make them use the machine for its appropriate uses, laws are formulated and implemented. For the computer, cyber law was implemented to regulate cybercrime and inform people on the different types of computer uses that are viewed as legal and as crimes. One of the most commonly violated cyber law is the United States anti- cyber-stalking law, which is found at section 223 of the United States constitution stipulated for the cyberstalking crime.

The anti-cyber-stalking law according to Hitchcock (2006) defines a cyber stalker as a person who intentionally, cruelly, and continuously harasses another person through the internet with the intention to make the person fear for his or her safety or the safety of other people who are closely connected to the victim. Additionally, a cyberstalker maybe an online stranger or a person known to the victim and may involve other people online who are not in any way connected to the victim. Lawfully, cyberstalking is considered as a criminal offense that is moderated through the anti-staking laws or the harassment laws. The penalties for cyberstalking include restraining orders, probation, and jail-term.

According to Meloy (2000) the anti-cyber-stalking laws have been violated on many occasions, this has been confirmed by the State Law Enforcement Agencies, whereby the stalking and Threat Assessment Unit Office has estimated that among 500 cases handled by the unit, 20 percent are cyberstalking cases that occur through the internet especially on...
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