Rukun Negara

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4.1.1 The Background of Rukun Negara

|Date |Incidence/Instrument |Notes | |13 May 1969 |Racial clash erupted |a local quarrel flared into a racial clash | |16 May 1969 |The Yang di-Pertuan Agong(YDA) declared a state of |Special Ordinance (Special powers) Emergency, 1969 | | |emergency. Parliament was suspended. NOC was formed. |Curfew enforced | | | |Assemblies banned | | | |Security controls tightened | |August-Dec 1969 |Special Peace and Development bodies formed: |Later combined to form the Ministry of National Unity | | |National Muhibah Committee | | | |National Unity Department | | |29 Jan 1970 |National Consultative/Unity Council was formed |Advisory body for National Operations Council (NOC) | | |Special Rukun Negara committee was setup |Formulated normative guidance and set of values for unity | |31 August 1970 |Rukun Negara as National Ideology was formalized |Declaration by YDA on Malaysia’s 13th Independence Anniversary|

Table 4.0: Background to the Formulation of Rukun Negara

4.1.2 Analysis and Implications of the Tragedy

1. The bloody tragedy of May 13 shocked the whole nation.

2. The implications of the incident in terms of economy and politics were serious concerns that lingered in the minds of the leaders as well as the rakyat.

3. Thus, many lessons had been learnt from the tragedy especially in the context of racial conflict especially between the Malays and the Chinese for more than 50 years.

4.1.3 The Objectives of Rukun Negara


Figure 4.0: The objectives of Rukun Negara

Objectives of Rukun Negara are directed towards developing a modern and progressive nation where the people together enjoy the nation’s riches in a fair and just manner, in a peaceful environment, respecting each other, despite ethnic and cultural differences.

4.1.4 The Principles of Rukun Negara

1. Five principles have been set to achieve the five objectives of Rukun Negara.

2. Five principles coincide with five ‘levels of duties’ demanded of every Malaysian by five sources of authority or sanction points.

3. Five principles are like slogans which are precise and clear rather than elaborate essay.

4. They are easily understood and remembered.

Figure 4.1: Status Set in the Context of Rukun Negara
|Rukun Negara |Description | |Belief in God |The importance of religious values and belief so that people are healthy in their thinking, | | |inclined to do good and avoid evil. | |Loyalty to King and Country |Instils patriotism, responsibility and readiness to serve. | |Upholding the Constitution |It is noble or glorious because it is supreme source if legislation. | |Rule of Law |Everybody should have...
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