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The idea that a university education is for everyone is a destructive myth.一所大学的教育是每个人的想法,是一种破坏性的神话。 An instructor at a “college of last resort” explains why.在不得已的“大学”的教练解释了原因。 By Professor X
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I work part-time in the evenings as an adjunct instructor of English.我的工作时间在晚上作为一种辅助的英语讲师。 I teach two courses, Introduction to College Writing (English 101) and Introduction to College Literature (English 102), at a small private college and at a community college.我教两门课程,大学写作(英语101)和大学文学(英语102),在一个小型私人学院和社区学院。 The campuses are physically lovely—quiet havens of ornate stonework and columns, Gothic Revival archways, sweeping quads, and tidy Victorian scalloping.校园物理可爱的安静的避风港华丽的石雕和列,哥特式复兴拱门,彻底的四边形,整齐的维多利亚扇形。 Students chat or examine their cell phones or study languidly under spreading trees.学生聊天或检查他们的手机,或懒洋洋地学习下传播树木。 Balls click faintly against bats on the athletic fields.球单击隐隐对田径场的蝙蝠。 Inside the arts and humanities building, my students and I discuss Shakespeare, Dubliners , poetic rhythms, and Edward Said.里面的艺术和人文学科的建设,我的学生和我讨论莎士比亚, 都柏林 ,诗意的节奏,和爱德华·萨义德。 We might seem, at first glance, to be enacting some sort of college idyll.我们可能会,乍看之下,似乎要制定某种高校田园诗。 We could be at Harvard.我们可以在哈佛。 But this is not Harvard, and our classes are no idyll.但是,这是不是Harvard,和我们班没有田园诗。 Beneath the surface of this serene and scholarly mise-en-scène roil waters of frustration and bad feeling, for these colleges teem with students who are in over their heads.在表面之下搅动这片宁静和学术的场面调度,现场水域的挫折和坏的感觉,这些高校要多多滋生有学生谁是在他们的头上。 Also see:

An Anti-College Backlash? (March 31, 2011) 一个反学院的间隙 (3月31日) Americans are finally starting to ask: "Is all this higher education really necessary?" 美国人终于开始问:“这是所有高等教育真的有必要吗?” By Professor X 通过X教授 I work at colleges of last resort.我的工作在高校的最后手段。 For many of my students, college was not a goal they spent years preparing for, but a place they landed in. Those I teach don't come up in the debates about adolescent...
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