Ruinous Is the Expression of Uncensored Art

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Having regarded itself as a heated topic of debate, the censorship of art brings to question whether or not works of art, in any form, should be on display due to their content. Because the exposure of sexuality and even religion though uncensored art enables most children, to establish their own thoughts, desires, and ideas, many believe that art should not be censored. Though art is well-established as a form of free expression, it is these unbounded expressions that have the potential to offend anyone who sees it. Because these expressions have no limit, censorship ought to be reinforced in art so that it may have the opportunity to be enjoyed by all- even those with differing beliefs and principles. After a provocative image of Jesus Christ engaged in sex was put on display, Dan Frosch of the New York Times states his belief that these images have “unmasked the divisions between a growing arts community and a conservative town that has taken issue.” where people in the community were “deeply offensive [offended] to see our [their] Lord depicted in that way.” Frosch goes on to describe the fact that the divisions that were created could have been avoided completely if only the city had “been a little more careful in how it was displayed.” Takahiro Fudaka, author of the article ”Child Sex in ‘Manga’—Art or Obscenity?,” brings up a perfectly legitimate argument when stating that “it is important that children face a variety of information and establish their own thought patterns.” Also that by sheltering children from sexual information, “…adults could completely deprive children of opportunities to think about the nature of their sexuality.” Fudaka continues to express his belief that the government should do more than just censoring art, but going out into the world of preventing sexual attacks. While the point Fudaka brings up is valid, it is more reasonable to believe that “materials positively depicting sexual acts of minors are hampering the ability of...
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