Rugby Evolution

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Rugby Evolution
FDENG. 201 - 27
Andrew Bigler
BYU - Idaho

Rugby was birthed in England and has since become an internationally played and watched sport. It is a tough sport that is both mentally and physically demanding of its players. Rugby began in the early 1800s and quickly grew into a popular sport all across Britain with hundreds of teams. Many things have changed in comparison to how it is played today. Most people don’t know that there is significance to the name of the sport, Rugby, or that breaking the most significant rule of soccer could have such far-reaching effects. I am going to discuss how rugby became what it is today, a creation of die-hard fans and players. One of the most favored accounts of how rugby began originated in Warwickshire, England. A student playing a football game (soccer) disregarded the games rules, picked up the ball and ran toward the opponent’s goal (Logan, 2006). All who witnessed this were fascinated by the prospect of running the ball. In the years to come a stone was placed outside of Rugby School etched with the writing. This stone commemorates the Exploit of William Webb Ellis who with a fine disregard of the rules of football as played in his time, first took the ball in his arms and ran with it, thus originating the distinctive feature of the rugby game A.D. 1823 (Brown, 2011, p.23). It is a known fact that rugby was organized into a playable sport at Rugby School. (Brown, 2006, p.24). By the 1830s running with the ball at Rugby School was common, while other schools were still focusing on football proficiency. However by 1870 word spread and rugby clubs were appearing all around England (Morgan, 2004, p.17). Rugby clubs were anxious to begin playing but quickly realized rugby was still an abstract game. To fix this, a meeting was held on January 26, 1871 where twenty-two clubs from all around England attended to agree on setting rules. At this meeting the Rugby Union was founded. Following the founding of...
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