Rudy Review

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  • Published : April 18, 2011
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How Stupid, How Courageous!
Everytime I watch inspiarational movie, such as October Sky, Billy Elliot and Rudy, I am filled with mixed emotions. Firstly, I doubt that the truth of the story and whether it is affected and stagy. Secondly, I do not wanat to be moved by a movie all the time. However, although I watch indifferently with the attitude of a cold onlooker, my eyes run over with tears in the end of the movie without exception. Yes, there are not something like inspiration righteousness that make my blood boil or earthshaking sublime justice. All I can see is a simple and pure dream: a child who wants to play football, a team that wants to win and that’s all. Here was a kid with no money, no family support, dyslexia, average grades, who was too spastic for football. Watch what happens to him. Actually, the plot of Rudy is not so much exciting as other sports movies. Because I cannot see talent and hope from him except for his dream and perseverance. Rudy is just like anyone around us. He's five feet nothing, but he actually makes the team for Notre Dame football, in a time when that meant something. He comes from a family, whose attitude is, know your place and stay there, and whose goals are to join the union, work a union job, and have a home and family. Rudy's girlfriend wants to get married, and the only person who understands his dream is his best friend. When tragedy strikes, Rudy realizes that he has to pursue his dream or he'll never be happy. Rising through all the staggering odds and crushing setbacks, including the death of his best friend, working in a steel mill, a detour to junior college, and the selective admissions process at Notre Dame, he dreams the impossible dream, and then lives it. Throughout his life, Daniel E. "Rudy" Ruddiger has wanted nothing less than to play football at Notre Dame, but he lacks the physical prowess for the game and the grades for Notre Dame. He is told all the time he'll never make it- but Rudy...
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