Rudeness in America

Topics: Sergeant, Family, Staff Sergeant Pages: 5 (2102 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Bal Sah
De Martini
April 14, 2013
Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates After every conversation, my head is continuously nodding up and down attracting the intention of my English professor. It’s almost one hour of the class and I am trying my best to be safe, since I haven’t done finishing the reading the last chapter of the book "The other Wes Moore". The discussion in the class had made me more excited to finish the last conclusion of the two people with same name but different lifestyle. However, once I finished reading it is easily understandable that if someone focuses on studies and their future leaving crime world, they can be successful and can fulfill their entire requirement. The book "The other Wes Moore", tells "the story of two boys living in Baltimore" who shares a similar life history within the "same black community", in addition to having identical names. Written by Wes Moore, it recounts the real life stories of the two "Wes Moores", the different journeys and destinies of their life. One Wes Moore ends up as a "phi beta kappa graduate of the John Hopkins University", a "white house fellow", an "army officer" and as the co-author of the book. The "other Wes Moore" ends up as a thief, drug dealer and "a convicted killer"; a sharp difference in comparison to the life of the Wes Moore. As can be seen in the book, it is not luck that determines their different fates in life, but rather a number of factors that could also ensure other African Americans succeed as opposed to failing in life. Moreover, the choice of factors and the way of utilizing them of the author Wes Moore were different compared to the other Wes Moore.

Although, both the author Wes and the other Wes had bad experience in school at their small age, as they grew up the similarities soon became apart in the area of education. Education is an imperative to future success as is seen in the life of the author Wes Moore. The positive influence and the support by his mother toward joining military school made him learn respect, and opens the doors of successful future. His mother notes his failing performance at school, which also connects with his delinquencies and suspensions from school. Author said, “I knew my mother was considering sending me away, but I never thought she would actually do it. The final straw came one evening while she sat down on the phone listening to my dean about my bad grades, absence from classes and incident of smoke bomb” (87). The author’s mother hopes for a better future her family and "makes great sacrifices in sending author Wes to military private schools. She said, “too many people have sacrificed in order for you to be there”(95). Here author start layout all his family, friends, and his grandparents for fulfilling the financial requirement for his education. Wes had been at Valley Forge for three years, and had transformed from one of the most disruptive students to one of the most respected. He was a platoon sergeant, cadet master sergeant, and the youngest senior noncommissioned officer in the entire corps. He had finally learned how to respect himself and others. For example the author said, “My mother had noticed the way I had changed since leaving from military school. My back stood straight, my sentenced ended with “sir” or “ma’am”, no lie or cheat, no excuse or exception”(115). Finally he moved away from basketball toward education. He said, “When you step on the court with players like Kobe Bryant or six foot eight point guards who can dunk from the free throw line, your mind begins to concentrate on your other options, like education”(130). Facing the challenges that poverty presents in their lives, forces many of the youth to look for money to buy food and other necessities; with crime being an easier way out. This is what happens in the life of "the other Wes Moore", who drops out of school and finally ends up in crime to provide for him and family. It...
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