Ruby Red Humming-Birds

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Option C: Do ruby-throated hummingbirds prefer some colors more than others when visiting flowers?

Option C: Do ruby-throated hummingbirds prefer some colors more than others when visiting flowers? Introduction
Ruby throated hummingbirds are native to the North Eastern United States. These hummingbirds prefer to feed on red or orange colored flowers, as they can see into the ultraviolet spectrum (Cornell). These red or orange flowers are usually tubular like some of these common hummingbird feeding flowers: trumpet creeper, cardinal flower, honeysuckle, jewelweed, bee-balm, red buckeye and red morning glory (Cornell). Hypothesis

I believe that ruby throated hummingbirds are more attracted to reddish flowers. I believe this because from observation, this seems to be the general flower or color they are drawn to, and I believe this may be because the color red sends a signal to the hummingbird signaling high nectar or sweetness of the flower. Or perhaps this is color stand out more to the hummingbirds than any other color and is more ultraviolet to them. Prediction

I predict that the outcome will be a yes to the questions. Hummingbirds are more drawn to the color red, through observation from personal experience hummingbirds will drink the nectar from reddish flowers before any other flower. If this is the case, then hummingbirds must have some sort of sense towards the color red. Controlled Experimental Method

For this experiment, we will take different colored flowers, blue, red, yellow, orange, purple, and pink and monitor the amount of times a hummingbird goes to each one within a month. A camera will be placed facing the flowers to keep track of which flower the hummingbird visits. After a month the tapes will be looked at and which flower was most popular will be determined and this will help to prove that hummingbirds are more drawn to flowers that are red. Results

According to the data that was collected, hummingbirds visited red...
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