Topics: Andrew Jackson, History of the United States, Thomas Jefferson Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Jefferson/Jackson Days Portfolio

Minority American history| Growth of abolitionism; Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison and The Liberator; slave life in the Cotton Kingdom; Amistad; Grimke Sisters; Nat Turner; impact of Louisiana Purchase on Spanish/Mexicans in territory; Mexican independence; Mexican life in Texas and the future American southwest; the Creek War; Tecumseh and the Prophet; the Seminole War; the Cherokee Phoenix; Sequoia; Indian Removal Act; Cherokee Nation v. Georgia; Worcester v. Georgia; Trail of Tears| | |

Economic history| Jefferson and taxes; financing the Louisiana Purchase; Panic of 1819; the tariff issue; internal improvements; western land speculation; the second Bank of the United States; Nicholas Biddle; the Tariff of Abominations; the Bank War; the “pet banks”; the Specie Circular; the Panic of 1837| | |

Foreign Affairs| Treaty of San Ildefonso; Barbary Pirates; Louisiana Purchase; impressment; Rule of 1756; Continental System; Embargo Act; Non-Intercourse Act; Macon’s Bill Number Two; War of 1812; Treaty of Ghent; Monroe Doctrine; Adams-Onis Treaty; Texas| | |

Science & Technology| Battery, ultraviolet rays gas lighting, tin can, steam locomotive, soda fountain, stethoscope, electromagnet, matches, Braille, dynamo, wrench, propeller, revolver, telegraph, Erie Canal and canal boom; railroads; textile industry; steamboats| | |

Social| Reform movements; Thomas Cole and the Hudson River School; phrenology; Audobon; Joseph Smith and Mormonism; Mother Ann Lee and the Shakers; Dorothea Dix; Horace Mann; Gideon Welles; Johnny Appleseed; Washington Irving; Webster’s Dictionary; women’s college movement; Currier and Ives| | |

Traditional| Revolution of 1800; Jeffersonian democracy; Marshall Court; Marbury v. Madison; War of 1812; Era of Good Feelings; Monroe Doctrine; McCulloch v. Maryland; Gibbons v. Ogden; end of the Federalist Party; sectionalism and sectional issues; northern, southern,...
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