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The quality improvement customers didn·t want
Q. Should the new system be implemented?
Yes! Quality Care should develop and install the new reception system. It will increasevalue to the customer as well as overall customer satisfaction, improve Employeemorale, and provide a strong financial return with a relatively small risk. The pros and cons of implementing new system are:First, customers traditionally find it extremely difficult to envision the benefits of technology, particularly when it replaces an interaction with a live person. But inmany surveys conducted it has been found that people first hesitate to use a newtechnology but with time they use and find it easier. For ex.ATM when was 1 st

 introduced created problem for the people but with time people are finding it easy touse. Similarly when SBI 1 st
introduced computers in the organization people hesitatedto adapt it but with time people find it easier to use.Secondly, the new and improved Quality care reception will have no more crowdedwaiting room and staffs will be able to devout more time to the patients. Basically when it comes to choosing a hospital people generally want to go the place where theformalities are carried out faster and proper care and attention is given. By implementing this system it will help Quality care to retain its customer and havemore loyal customer. Thirdly, when customers are given a choice between speed and accuracy on the onehand, and comfort and caring on the other, all customers are not the same. In thepopulation at large, most customers will opt first for speed and accuracy and then forcomfort and caring. Interactions with caring, live people can have a positive effect on aservice experience, but not as a replacement for prompt and proficient basic service. There will always be those who choose human interaction over convenience, notably customers experiencing serious illnesses and older patients who have trouble withnewer technologies or unfamiliar...
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