Rubiks Cube

Topics: Rubik's Cube, Ernő Rubik, Speedcubing Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: November 14, 2011
Damari Grant

1. Introduction
A. Have you wondered how to do the Rubiks ?
B. How many times have you pick up a cube and said damn it wish I could complete the hold thing and not just on side or finish without sticker peeling. C. In time of boredom or just a mind opener its nice to baffle your continuesly with speed trials, always trying to beat the time before. D. Within this informative speech I hope to open your eyes to the least complicated puzzle that was developed in the late 70’s early 80’s E.

1. Today I will give you a brief history on the cube.
2, Then I will explain what a algorithms and what an algorithm is 3. Finally I will demonstrate the putting together this masterpiece call a rubiks cube.

2. Body
A. Ernõ Rubik is a Hungarian inventor whose name is known globally due to the popularity of the cube puzzle that bears his name. Born in Budapest, Rubik studied sculpture in college, then architecture at the Academy of Applied Arts and Design, where he taught interior design and invented his world-famous puzzle cube. His invention went on to become the most popular puzzle game of all time, making Rubik the first self-made millionaire from the communist bloc. B. While working as a professor in Budapest, Rubik became intrigued with a structural design problem. He wanted to construct a cube with adjustable squares on each side that would move independently without the entire structure falling apart. In 1974, he came up with a solution, hand-carved the blocks and marked each side of the cube with a different color. He then tested his invention, twisting the blocks in various ways to see if they held together. It was only when he discovered how challenging it was to realign the colors to match on each side that he realized his invention could be used as a puzzle. B. What is a algorithm? A algorithm is a set of rules to be followed in calculation or other problem-solving operations. These terms will...
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